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Robert Rackley

Currently reading: A wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚. Classic fantasy.

The header of the Bandcamp page for Prepare My Glider features a shoegaze staple: an overstuffed pedalboard. True to their name, they offer plenty of Shieldsian glide guitar and dreamy harmonies that float beautifully above the noise.…

After her bass player left a former band she was in to join a band he said was going to be “Jimmy Fallon big,” Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast wrote a song about it. The bass player eventually rejoined Zauner in Japanese Breakfast and got his wish. The band just played their latest single, “Be Sweet” on the tonight show. I had this song on heavy rotation prior the performance and now I think I like it even more. The staccato guitar and funk bass bring me back to the 70’s, but the synths signal the transition to the musical refresh that the 80’s introduced. The track exudes nostalgia for those decades while still sounding refreshingly contemporary.…

Really enjoying this Flickr group of vintage travel posters.

I agree with Zac Hall and John Voorhees that Apple removing the HomePod from their product line is concerning for their overall home strategy. Having just bought a HomePod Mini and being pretty delighted with it, I’m not sure how much I would want to expand in that ecosystem with smart devices. Unless Apple follows up with something that reassures consumers that they staying in the game, it may be best to hold off on building your smart home with Apple.

It’s interesting how many musicians criticize or even protest against Spotify while others promot their albums specifically on that platform as if that’s primarily where they want you to experience the music.

The Guardian has a piece on near-death experiences (as they have been known since the 70’s), which profiles a psychiatrist named Bruce Greyson and his research into the phenomenon. Like surgeon Dr. Sam Parnia, who has also studied this area thoroughly, Greyson has come up with no verifiable or satisfying scientific ways of explaining the extraordinary things people go through when they are on the precipice of death.

One of the things I’ve found most interesting about those who have undergone these experiences is their transformative nature. This one single experience has a dramatic effect on how people live the…


~ Peter Csathy, writing for Consequence of Sound about the impact of NFT’s on the music industry.

Can I just keep buying records with 12 songs or so on them for around $20 and streaming every song in the world for $10 a month? That sounds better than owning a piece of a song for $50. Let’s not treat art like a corporate investment.

Robert Rackley

Robert is a Christian, aspiring minimalist, software dev manager and paper airplane mechanic located in North Carolina.

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