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Robert Rackley

I was really inspired by this tweet from Dr. Indigo Willing. She picked up skateboarding at 41, after getting her PhD. I traded my regular skateboard in for a cruiser at 40, so I wouldn’t be tempted to do tricks. Now, I suffer from post-exertional malaise, but would love to take up casual skating again. I hope I can get past the fatigue and try some of what Dr. Willing is demoing here again.

When Austin Kleon wants to get answers to questions on Twitter, instead of asking a direct question, he poses the question in the guise of a false opinion. Instead of crickets, he gets tons of responses to his question in the form of correction.

My 9-yr.-old loves video games. It seems sometimes like his love for video games surpasses his love for everything else. When he’s not playing video games, or negotiating with me about his game time limits, he’s watching others play video games on YouTube. …

Drew Coffman has gone all-in on crypto. He explains how he went from knowing nothing about the subject, to selling NFT’s, to a job working in Web 3.0 in 6 months.

The Mozilla Blog has a post explaining why hyperlinks are blue.

The funny thing about minimalism is there is only so much you can say about it. That’s why it’s called minimalism.

~ Patrick Rhone

I loved the original The Wonder Years series, which tracked almost perfectly with my age at the time it aired. The familiarity of the youth experience mixed with the historical perspective that was mostly new to me was a compelling combination.

The return of the show, set in the same…

The smooth and slightly smoky voice of Saint Sinner pairs well with the instrumentals from Tycho. It’s a welcome change to hear vocals on the (normally instrumental) Tycho tracks and this is one song where they really pull it off in a very cohesive way. I’ve always thought Scott Hansen from Tycho had a certain genius for making electronic music sound particularly organic and that is particularly evident here.

“Pink and Blue” is from the Weather album from Tycho, which came out over two years ago. I still find myself listening to this song fairly frequently, though, as it goes well with different kinds of playlists.

Tycho ft. Saint Sinner — Pink and Blue…

TFW multiple books you had on hold at Libby become available at once. What to read?

This tweet expresses my view of curation well. Sometimes, I want to bring readers to the article for a full read, if I can spark their interest. However, sometimes the idea can be conveyed in one or two pull quotes. Both kinds of link posts have value. In the end, it depends on the reader to choose.

Robert Rackley

Robert is a Christian, aspiring minimalist, software dev manager and paper airplane mechanic located in North Carolina.

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