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WWhen my oldest was younger, we used to read a Berenstain Bears book about prayer. While the books about these anthropomorphic bears are designed to be simple lessons for kids, the particular angles in this book struck me deeply. The take on prayer was nuanced and mature.

In the book…

OOver the years, Cory Doctorow has made himself an expert on digital privacy. This essay is mainly about surveillance capitalism and Doctorow uses Vizio as a negative example. When he takes on the now old adage, “if you’re not paying for the product, you’re the product,” his insight really resonates.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Quebec artist MUNYA and her upcoming album, Voyage to Mars. MUNYA just released a new track off the album, the disco-inflected “Voyage” and filmed a video to go with it. In the video, lots of construction is going on, but the viewer is never really given a total picture of what is being built. It’s almost as if she’s creating something that can never be completed. The lyrics repeated over and over in the chorus may speak something to this.

All my life, all the dreams

I’ll never forget about you.

In the place of completion, there’s a sense of loss. Accompanying that sense of loss is the drive to move on. Perhaps a resignation over a relationship that’s never going to work out.

Voyage to Mars by MUNYA is out today, 11/12.


TThere has been a fair amount of debate recently about the utility of being able to “like” posts on social sites. Specifically, this has come up in the form of discussion around the photo sharing site, Glass, and their decision to eschew ways to “like” a post. Although likes are…

I love the idea Aishwarya Agrawal shares in this piece about only saving one link a day. As an inveterate notetaker and digital pack rat, I could do with some useful constraints in this area.

To overcome this, I created a Notion sheet where I save just ONE link per day. This could be a link to an article, a video, or even an interview. But just that one. This helped me sort through my mental clutter and figure out what was actually useful.

This week’s Friday Night Video is a bit older but it’s one that reminds me of how Jack Tatum can step outside of the usual Roxy Music joins the Cure playing Fleetwood Mac sound. I haven’t heard anything from Tatum in a while, and, while this isn’t a particularly representative sample of his work, it feels good to boost Wild Nothing anyway. When I first listened to this tune, I thought Talking Heads, and I wasn’t the only one. I played it right after “This Must Be The Place” by the Heads when I DJ’ed at a hackathon a couple of years ago.

The video takes 80’s abstraction to another level and could easily be a Talking Heads concept from that time period.

Originally published at on October 29, 2021.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Apple TV+ series Foundation, as well as some graphic depictions of violence, both real and fictional.

MyMy wife and I started watching the new Apple TV+ sci-fi series Foundation last weekend. The trailer for the show promised exciting visuals and an intriguing plot…

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