As people who follow God, we should resist evil (including leaders and the community) at every turn. Go back and read the major and minor prophets. It’s all there. Go back and read Samuel’s hard conversation with Eli about his sons and what God thinks of their wicked behavior and their inability to serve the people because of it.

If you get the sense that say, Herod was divinely appointed and inspired in his evil deeds such as his massacre of the innocents, you are getting the wrong message from the Bible you are reading. Similarly, if you tell the 500+ kids at the border who will never see their parents again that this is the work of a a benevolent God, you will not be delivering the good news of the gospel.

Please don’t suggest to an immigrant who has been beaten and pissed on because of this demonic force in American politics that this is the work of our God whom we know through the goodness of Christ. You may need to go back and read the parable of the good Samaritan again. The heroes weren’t the guys who robbed and beat the man. The whole point was that the foreigner was the hero.

Maybe if you are not getting this stuff from the Bible, at least read the Screwtape Letters or something that points the ways that people can pervert God’s purpose with division and lies.

May God bless you in your education, but bad theology like this ruins the Christian witness.

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